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Terra Cotta Restoration Building

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One of Wilson Restoration's recently completed masonry restoration projects, The Century Building, was recently profiled in the magazine "Columns" - a periodical sponsored by the American Institute of Architects.

The project received an Award of Excellence for Historic Preservation and required many of our specialized skills such as masonry cleaning, repointing, architectural terra cotta replacement, steel lintel replacement, stone patching, and masonry coatings. We worked directly with the General Contractor, the Owner, and the Architect to establish an all-encompassing scope of work to restore the facade of the Century Building to its original beauty.

Terra Cotta Restoration Building 06

A restoration technician put the final touches on the recoating of a terra cotta profile defaced by prior cleaning. The original glaze fired onto the terra cotta surface during its manufacture was sandblasted off - a prime example of what can occur when the wrong cleaning application is used.

The gray areas indicated where glazing was removed by a prior abrasive cleaning. A restoration technician repoints the area after the surface is restored.

Terra Cotta Restoration Building 13

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