Building Restoration Pittsburgh

Building Restoration PA - Just outside of Pittsbugh, PA

Building Restoration turtle creek 10

This restoration project was located in Turtle Creek, PA.

A technician is removing old sealant at the brick perimeter. Wilson Restoration is careful to remove all remnants of old selant and replace with new sealant as specified by the Architects.

Building Restoration turtle creek 03

A technician is pouring a polymer modified patching material into a form at a concrete spandrel. These materials ae quick-setting and high early strength. They perform well in horizontal as well as vertical applications. The quick-setting benefit allows us to coat over the repairs in less time than conventional concrete.

Building Restoration turtle creek 05

Building Restoration turtle creek2 12

Wilson Restoration has the proper equipment for any size or shape  building, along with the experience and knowledge to safely erect scaffolding for restoration projects.

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